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One of the main areas of concern for Langley Hotels (henceforth LANGLEY HOTELS) is to guarantee customer satisfaction in relation to transactions and the personal security of its users, which includes protecting their privacy. The following privacy declaration explains, in a summarized way, the measures which LANGLEY HOTELS takes in the provision of its services to protect the personal data of its users 

Company information: 
Company Name: Langley Hotels 
Address: 118 Rue Hellbronner, 74402 Chamonix Cedex 3
Telephone: +33 450 533 119

Company Name: SAS Nordic Lodge
Org. no.: 40146447400204
Address: 118 Rue Hellbronner, 74402 Chamonix Cedex 3, France
Telephone: +33 450533119


Company Name: SARL Fort Royal Resort
Org. no.: 50109499900023
Address: Hôtel Fort Royal – Lieu dit “Petit Bas Vent”, 97126 DESHAIES, France
Telephone: +590 590 68 76 70

Integrity policy

Langley Hotels value your privacy. You should always feel secure when submitting personal information to us. In this Integrity Policy, we describe how your personal information is processed in accordance with applicable law.

Personal Data Responsibility

Langley Hotels is personally responsible for processing your personal data and is responsible for processing in accordance with applicable law. We are available at, by phone +46 (0) 771-12 12 12, or by corresponding contact information to our hotels.


How do we collect personal information?

When you stay at our hotel, use any additional service, or contact us personally, etc. we collect personal information such as names, address, phone number, email, gender and birthday data, passport copies, etc.

On what basis do we collect personal data?

Langley Hotels collect the personal data that is necessary for us to fulfil our agreement with you. We do this because we currently have a legal agreement, or otherwise another legal basis for handling your personal data. In any other case, you have granted permission to receive newsletters or other information sent by us to you.

For what purpose is the data collected?

The information is required for us to administer, deliver and provide customer service through the stay or any of the other services we provide at the hotels. Amongst other things, your personal information is used for mailing and providing information by e-mail, text and / or phone calls for the stay itself.

Your contact details and booking information can also be used for customer surveys.


For how long is the information saved?

When booking a trip, or, if you have previously been a customer and stated that you agree that Langley may retain your information, these will be retained until you inform Langley Hotels that you do not wish to receive further information. Otherwise, the information is saved for 36 months. After your stay, your customer information and travel history will be saved for 3 years if you have not actively agreed for us to keep your information longer. We also save your personal information on other basis than travel agreements, such as to follow the corresponding accounting law. Statutory requirements under other laws govern how long we get to save your data.

If you have registered to receive newsletters or other information, you can cancel any further postings at any time.

Who else has access to the personal data?

To fulfill our agreement, the information is forwarded to the suppliers responsible for their part of the stay, i.e. excursion partners, hotels, car rental companies, etc. We have taken all reasonable legal, technical and organizational measures to ensure that your personal information is handled securely and with an adequate level of protection.


Personal data in third countries.

We arrange accommodation worldwide, and therefore personal data is transferred to partners or suppliers outside the EU / EEA. When this happens, all reasonable legal, technical and organizational measures are taken to ensure that your personal information is handled securely and with adequate protection even in non-EU countries.


We take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data from loss or unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure. We work continuously with "built-in data protection and data protection by default".

Your rights

You are entitled to request access and correction or, in some cases, deletion of your personal information, request limitation of continued processing of your personal data and a right to object to the treatment. In such case, we will notify each recipient of the personal data of any corrections or deletion of data, as well as limitation of processing of data according to your request.

You have the right to, through a written application, receive a register extract, including, among other things, the personal data that are registered about you, the purpose of the treatment and the recipients of which the information has been provided or to be disclosed.

Upon your request or on our own initiative, we will correct, disassemble, delete or supplement information that is found to be incorrect, incomplete or misleading.

If you do not want us to process your personal information for example direct marketing, you are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time and / or unsubscribe from our marketing announcements. Once we have received your withdrawal, we will cease processing your personal information for the purpose you submitted your consent.

You are entitled to data portability, that is, a right to request that your personal data be transferred to another person.

You are entitled to file a complaint with the Data Inspectorate if you believe that we do not properly process your personal information. Read more >> (link:

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Questions and suggestions: 
If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding this privacy policy or the treatment of your data by Langley Hotels, please contact us on this email address:


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