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Langley Ski Lodge La Vieille Ferme

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Originally built as a farm, Hotel La Vieille Ferme is without a doubt our most charming and rustic hotel. To preserve the charm we’ve tried to keep as much of the original structure as possible which has resulted in none of the rooms looking like the others, and a restaurant that is truly unique.

Langley Ski Lodge La Vieille Ferme, Serre Chevalier

Built in 1722 in a classical style, Ski Lodge La Vieille Ferme was originally a large farmhouse. Decorated in rustic style, the hotel is a blend of the best from Provence and Italy. With its pleasant atmosphere, it is famous for being one of the area’s most charming hotels. It also has a relaxing bar and a restaurant with a rotisserie known for its excellent cuisine.

The rooms, some of them including a balcony, can accommodate from two to five people. Each room looks different from the other which adds to the character and personality of the hotel.

Do not miss our rotisserie where we cook food over the open fire like the locals have been doing for centuries.

The hotel is located up a small hill from the city center of the charming village Villeneuve. The ski lifts are located 400m from the ski lodge and are easily accessible by foot. For those that do not wish to carry their skis there are lockers available for rent by the lift. 


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16 Chemin des Crozes
5240 Serre Chevalier
Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur
Tel: +33 49 22 47 644

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Hotel La Vieille ferme offers a most charming bar with a friendly welcoming atmosphere and a well stocked menu. Nothing fancy here, keep your ski clothes on or go change, it's completely up to you as long as you have a good time.

The restaurant in the hotel is located on the first floor and is truly unique. A number of vaults create a rustique cozy feeling which in combination with the floor lighting will make you feel right at home. Breakfast and dinner is served here.

A few nights a week we open our Rotisserie where we grill over an open fireplace in the room next to the restaurant. We prepare the food just like it has been prepared for centuries in the area, a great meal and experience.

The resturant is open everyday:


The charming valley of Serre Chevalier has a lot to offer for keen skiers as well as gourmets. The skiing area is large with lots of variety and the villages are filled with great restaurants and bar. The Serre Chevalier valley consists of a few villages and our hotel is located in Villeneuve, a small and pitoresque village with a stream running right through it.

Villeneuve has small main street 50m from our hotel and this is where you can find most of the shops, bars and restaurants. On the other side of the stream are the lifts and some more shops. It's an old village and the architecture reminds the visitors of it. Our own hotel is in a building that is more than 300 years old.

The skiing in Serre Chevalier is varied and provides something for everyone. It isn't one of the highest resorts but it is one of the richest in both snow fall and sun shine, in other words a great combination. Much of the skiing is done in the woods or right above. This provides some great offpist oppurtunities for those that are interested. Speak with our reception about booking a mountain guide.


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