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Langley Hotels & Resorts
Selected destinations, unique experiences!
Langley Hotels & Resorts
Selected destinations, unique experiences!

Get a 15% discount on stays 3-19 December, on our hotels in Chamonix, Tignes, Val Thorens & Val d’Isère 

Get up to 25% off
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Our Most Popular Hotels

A unique resort located secludedly on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

A historic building in the city center with close access to everything.

Top-modern and refined with a kitchen that leaves even the locals waiting in line.

Who Are We?

Langley Hotels & Resorts is a Scandinavian company that owns and operates hotels around the world. Our facilities are categorized in different concepts.

Langley Ski Lodges are simple accommodations in popular destinations, with good locations. Langley Hotels have a better service level, as well as better amenities. Langley Resorts are larger retreats with a selected variety of activities and facilities.

We love food


We strive to use local products

Simple, homemade food with high quality

International cuisine with local influences and vegetarian options


We’re Scandinavian


We are open minded

Atmosphere is more relaxed than at traditional hotels

We mainly communicate in English


We care about sustainability


We try to reduce our global footprint using simple and achievable methods

We are in it for the long run

We love to hear feedback and suggestions on how to improve

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