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Do you dream of beaches, turquoise seas and swaying coconut palm trees? These dreams are reality on the island of Guadeloupe in the French Caribbean. Are you also a little restless and adventurous? Guadeloupe has many activities to offer. Why not try the fast-paced Canyoning excursion; slide along rivers and make your way through a tropical obstacle course. You can also hike on an active volcano, or snorkel among turtles. Or why not have a lazy day by the pool/beach and read a good book if you feel like it.

Some say that trips to the Caribbean are the best during winter, but we know it's just as good in the summer. The temperature varies between 27-28 degrees, both in the sea and on land. Did you not go for a trip this winter yet? Are you looking for something beyond the usual? Then Langley Resort Fort Royal is a destination for you!

Book you summer trip now and get -25% off on All-inclusive rates!

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